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Reasons why you to come and live in Mauritius | Jacaranda Villa

Why Mauritius?

Unique Mauritius is all yours!

A safe and welcoming island, Mauritius has managed to hold on to a real quality of life while embracing modernity. The daily pace is well-balanced between work and private life to sustain professional productivity and healthy family ties; maintain genuine friendships and social interactions. This is why foreigners who happen to stay or live in Mauritius say that “Here you can still experience what the sweetness of island living and the joy of living really mean.

The multi-ethnic and peaceful Mauritian society offers enriching human and cultural experiences to live. Here, the year is punctuated by a variety of ancestral colourful celebrations. Families cook either French, Chinese, Indian or their exquisite fusion of local Creole cuisine; you can also feast in the restaurants of a cosmopolitan cuisine, even high gastronomy and have as much fun at fast foods of global brands.

As for leisure activities – we are spoiled for choice: championship golf courses, big game fishing, scuba diving, catamaran cruises, water skiing, kite surfing, zip line jumps, hikes and walks or quad in the heart of natural parks with fabulous views.

Mauritius also hosts many international sports and cultural events; one can even attend operas of the famous Metropolitan on the big screen. Fan of cinema? No problem! The latest successful releases are on-screen daily in very comfortable and air-conditioned rooms.