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Real Estate Property Investment Mauritius | Mauritius Property Investment

Invest in Mauritius

It's also investing in a new life

Mauritius is one of the most successful economies in Africa, recording its highest GDP per capita.

The country’s political stability and economic success, a very literate, skilled and bilingual workforce, excellent infrastructure and Freeport; sound financial services and global business sector, acknowledged ease of doing business and a light fiscal regime have effectively contributed to position the island as an attractive and secure destination for foreign investors in the business and real estate sectors.

Becoming a Mauritian resident

The acquisition, by a foreigner, of a property exceeding a price of USD 500 000 under a Property Development Scheme (PDS), entitles the owner to a Mauritian Residency Permit for himself and his family. The spouse of the property owner and children below 24 years are eligible for the Mauritian Residency Permit.

Key numbers

Surface Area

2040 Km²


1.3 million


Mauritian Rupee

Official language


Employment rat

92 %

GDP growth

4 %

GDP per capita

$ 9600

Spoken languages

French, English & Creole