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Luxury Villas For Sale Mauritius | Villas For Sale Mauritius


Located on the sunny north-western coast of Mauritius, Balaclava (a marine protected area) is a quiet beachfront town well situated (next to four 5-star hotels) in a nice neighbourhood and environment, and where one can commute easily around the island.

Idyllic beaches and crystal clear lagoons; a clement tropical climate, sunny azure skies, sculptural mountains, luxuriant green landscapes and an impressive array of outdoor leisure activities.

This is Mauritius.

A vision for your life !

Maybe you’ve been dreaming of it lately:

A sun-drenched haven in the midst of the Indian Ocean, fully connected to the world. A welcoming getaway to invest in for the family, a peaceful modern country for a fresh start, a place to carry out business as efficiently as possible while enjoying a more fulfilling lifestyle…

If you have been aspiring to your own luxury island home, a haven of tranquillity in this hectic world and if your aim is to enjoy a richer life now, seek no further! A villa at Jacaranda under the Property Development Scheme (PDS) in Mauritius brings your vision to life.

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